About Me

Neil  Hi. I’m Neil Donaldson. founder, owner, photographer, and the face of Central Coast Real Estate Photography & Marketing (CCREP). CCREP is driven by my passion to produce outstanding photography and to team with real estate professionals in growing their business and selling their listings.

A Little History

My early photography was fueled primarily by a passion for searching out, experiencing and capturing those moments when light, subject and setting collaborate to yield extraordinary and dramatic images. Nature photography was a natural extension of my love of everything wild.

My formal education is in architecture and business. As Director of Operations of a small wood office furniture manufacturer in southern California, I honed my architectural and product photography, graphic design and marketing skills.

Why I Love Photographing Architecture & Interiors

The challenges in getting great architectural and interior photographs are similar to the challenges of getting great photographs of nature. Great photography is all about the light: the quality of the light, the quantity of the light, and the direction of the light. building interiors, even well lit ones, typically are darker than the view through the windows. The years spent learning the techniques necessary to render similar scenes in nature into a pleasing and realistic photograph translates well into the art and craft of architectural photography.

I utilize, appreciate, and  keep abreast of the best equipment and technology available. I was producing large, multi-image, stitched 360° panoramas for print long before there was software available to facilitate their production. Now I’m able to incorporate 360° panoramas into our HDPLUS virtual tours. My high-end professional digital SLR cameras are capable of cinematic quality HD video that can also be seamlessly woven into our HDPLUS virtual tours. My background in architecture, and familiarity with AutoCAD software, allows me to integrate interactive floor plans into the HDPLUS virtual tour and into the print marketing materials.

Why I Love Marketing Real Estate

Marketing is an essential component to building any business or brand. I have learned over the years that first impressions count. How one presents oneself is often more than half the battle. Marketing materials must be pleasing to the eye and convey a strong message. Our “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” postcards, flyers and brochures are well-designed and tell your story.

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