Photography Essentials for Realtors – Top 3 Real Estate Photography Turnoffs

Not Vertical

In a previous post, I wrote about why quality real estate photography matters when virtually all home searches begin online. In this post I will discuss why poor real estate photographs turn off potential homebuyers. We live in a visual world. Whether it be from television, the Internet, magazines or billboards we are bombarded with thousands of images each day. To cope we have learned to quickly filter through these images to find what is…

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Photography Essentials for Realtors – Why the Photography Matters

Twilight Exterior

This is a first in a series of articles written to demonstrate the impact of real estate photography. Poorly executed photography can negatively influence a Realtor’s marketing efforts. On the other hand, effective photos lure prospective buyers to look at the property and they also show prospective home sellers that you are serious about marketing their home. I want to thank Larry Lohrman of for helping me to navigate the waters as I entered…

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Get a Picture-Perfect Home Sale


I ran across the article, Get a Picture-Perfect Home Sale, by Amy Hoak on The Wall Street Journal website. The main point of the article is that “Good pictures are a crucial marketing tool for a home sale.”  The article describes how one couple attributes the professional photography used to market their home to luring about 25 people to an open house the first weekend the house went on sale. The home sold in two…

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