Photography Essentials for Realtors – Why the Photography Matters

This is a first in a series of articles written to demonstrate the impact of real estate photography. Poorly executed photography can negatively influence a Realtor’s marketing efforts. On the other hand, effective photos lure prospective buyers to look at the property and they also show prospective home sellers that you are serious about marketing their home.

I want to thank Larry Lohrman of for helping me to navigate the waters as I entered the field of real estate photography.  Much of the information here is adapted from his book, What Realtors Need to Know About Photography.

Let’s jump in.

Twilight Exterior

So, why does the photography matter?

1. Potential home buyers search online

Research shows, compared to just a few years ago, that virtually all homebuyers start their search online. It used to be, selling a home was all about curb appeal. Now, it’s online-appeal that lures the buyers looking at properties online. We have just one chance to grab the attention of potential buyers and they are naturally attracted to better looking photos. Research shows that listings with professional photography get significantly more views than listings without.

2. Great photography helps you to win more listings.

My experience is that home sellers never have trouble understanding the benefits of great photography. They “get it” right away and will choose a listing agent that does great marketing over one that doesn’t. I get calls from homeowners that are dismayed by the quality of the listing photos they encounter when researching agents they are considering to market their property.

It’s a well-established fact that great photos and marketing materials are a way to get more listings. Neighbors of the listing property watch carefully how a property is marketed. If they like what they see, they will ask the agent to list their property when the time comes to sell.

Next time we will explore the top 3 real estate photography turnoffs.

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